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American Trucks of the 1960s  
Author:  Norm Mort Covers US and Canadian truck manufacturers that built trucks in North America in 1960s. North American truck manufacturers continued to thrive to meet demands of prosperity in 1960s with fresh designs.  These rugged, reliable trucks were capable of transcontinental commutes of goods or performing delivery and construction tasks in and around cities. Volume covers not only histories of major and lesser known truck manufactures, but also  obscure, yet historically significant manufacturers. 
Autocar Trucks of the 1950s  
Author:  Ron Adams Autocar's roots go back into early 1900s and became known for tough and rugged trucks. With WWII, few trucks for civilian use were produced and by end many trucks were worn out from constant use. After the war, civilian production began again in full force because of lack of new trucks. In 1950, when Autocar introduced new driver cab, the louver design was eliminated. The old style flat windshield sleeper cabs were used until 1953 (same year Autocar was purchased by White Motor Co.) when new sleeper cab was introduced. Autocar became top-of-the-line marque for White and focused on specialized applications, such as construction, logging, mining, and oil industries.
Autocar Trucks of the 1960s  
Author: Ron Adams In 1960s, current Autocar truck models were on their way in popularity. White purchased Autocar in 1953 yet Autocar trucks continued thru to 1970s as part of "Big Four" White brands. The Interstate Highway System was being expanded through country in 60s, but many roads were still rugged. The cure for many truckers was to buy an Autocar, highly regarded as tough and sturdy.  Adams provides detailed information about trucks and doesn't forget trailers, trucking companies, and hauling configurations seen in photographs.
Autocar Trucks 1899-1950 Photo Archive  
Author: Robert Gabrick Early advertisements declared "The design of the Autocar chassis lends itself to almost every style of body." Large, detailed archival photographs and captions tell a story from the first Autocar Driver Cab. 
Big Rigs of the 1970s  
Author:  Ron Adams Travel the 1970s through the decade introducing the trucks that debuted or saw significant revamping, describing the quirks and innovations, and offering information about models, trailers, trucking companies, and hauling configurations. Spotlighting manufacturers from Mack, Feightliner, White, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and featuring fabulous photography. Big Rigs of the 1970s
Bumper to Bumper: The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations  
Author: Mike Byrnes & Associates  Tractor-trailer operations includes current information on hours of service, hazardous materials, cargo securement, and onboard technology, plus descriptions of systems and components, regulated activities, driving skills, safe driving and economy driving. With end-of- chapter quizzes, Observation Skills tests, hundreds of illustrations and a detailed index. 
Circus & Carnival Trucks: 1923-2000 Photo Archive  
Author:  Bill Rhodes For last 60 years, a wide variety of traveling shows have modified their trucks for use as tractors, parade units, tent reels, animal cage, and ride foundations. This photo collection depicts at circus and carnival sites, the wide array of truck manufacturers whose heavy-duty haulers have been used. Captions explain truck use and technical details on make, model, and engine. 
Custom Semi Trucks 2  
Author: Bette S. Garber A collection of amazing photos collected from the author's  hardcover edition called Custom Semi. 
Diamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo Archive
Author: Robert Gabrick Diamond T Motor Car Company manufactured automobiles until 1911 when the first truck led to exclusive truck production and gained legendary status as style leaders. While "The Handsomest Truck in America" became a long-standing slogan, Diamond T also emphasized its engineering leadership. 
Extreme Trucks  
Author: Greg Smith Extreme Trucks includes custom rigs from Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner. Dozens of America’s most radical and desirable customs roll across the pages of this stunning collection. Photo illustration wizard Greg Smith, digitally combines the best semi trucks with beautiful backgrounds in this must-have book. Extreme Trucks
Federal Trucks Photo Archive  
Author: Robert Gabrick From 1910 to 1959, Federal assembled over 160,000 trucks for all types of uses including delivery vans, buses, garbage trucks, and heavy haulers.  In World War II, Federal produced 11,338 military vehicles, earning coveted Army-Navy "E Pennant" 4 times for production excellence. After the war, Federal experienced same difficulties experienced by other independents. Despite 1950 introduction of Style Liner and restyled Golden Eagle Series, introduced in 1957, production of Federal trucks ended in 1959.  This Photo Archive chronicles this truck through large-format archival photos with captions. 
Firefighting Tanker Trucks and Tenders:A Fire Apparatus Photo Gallery  
Author: John H Rieth Large fire apparatus manufacturers started to manufacture water tanker fire trucks late 1950s, but it wasn't until 1970s that custom-made water tankers became popular. Shown are tankers by all major and minor fire apparatus manufacturers and regional builders, among conversions built by local shops. Included are tankers from Mack, Ford, GMC, Chevy, International, White, Brockway, Diamond T & Reo, Autocar, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, Volvo, UD, Marmom, Western Star, Crane Carrier Corp., FWD, Oshkosh, AMC, and others.
Ford Medium-Duty Trucks 1917-1998 Photo History
Author:  Paul McLaughlin Ford Medium-duty trucks are rugged, dependable, economical, and easy to work on. 
Freightliner Trucks: 1937-1981 Photo Archive  
Author:  Robert Gabrick Photographs from Freightliner Archives, combined with captions, document Freightliner trucks from first trucks up to its partnership with Daimler Chrysler.  Through the years, Freighliner's trucks brought many innovations including all-aluminum cab, the integrated aluminum sleeper compartment, and full 90 degree tilt cab, all documented in book. 
FWD Trucks 1910-1974  
Author: Robert Gabrick The start of World War I in 1914 and unsuccessful expedition to Mexico to capture Pancho Villa in 1916 led to a change and  production of over 24,000 FWD Model B trucks. Over time, FWD produced variety of specialized vehicles for road construction and maintenance, snow removal, utility construction and maintenance, oil exploration and production, cement mixers, logging, and even school buses. All of these are featured here in sharp black and white photos with in-depth captions. 
GMC Heavy-Duty Trucks 1927-1987  
Author:  James K. Wagner Focusing on GMCs, from 1927-1987, this book offers a prologue and epilogue to round out 100+ year history of GMC trucks and predecessors Rapid and Reliance. In-depth coverage of all models, engine specifications, year-to-year changes, and model-by-model genealogy charts, as well as story of GM's role as a heavy-duty truck maker and influences of Max Grabowski, William Crapo Durant, and Alfred P. Sloan Jr. GMC Heavy-Duty Trucks 1927-1987.
International Heavy Trucks of the 1950s  
Author:  Ron Adams With worn-out trucks after World War II and plans laid out by the Federal Government to build the Interstate Highway System, truck production really took off in the 1950s. 
International Heavy Trucks of the 1960s   
Author:  Ron Adams Many series were carried over from the 1950s, but International now offered more models in each series to make them more versatile. The pictures mainly cover  bigger straight trucks and over-the- road and off-highway trucks; the popular trucks like V series, R series, D-400, DCO-400, CO- 4000, and the line of “stars,” to mention a few.  Many are long gone.
Kenworth Trucks: 1950-1979
Author: Ronald Adams Kenworth Trucks are among the most popular trucks.  The trucks have been around more than 75 years and are still popular today. Adams highlights the golden era of trucking through time-period photographs that highlight trucking companies and owners putting their Kenworth trucks into action. By 1950, Kenworth had more than 30 different models operating in almost every state west of the Mississippi. 
Mack EB-EC-ED-EE-EF-EG-DE 1936-1951 Photo Archive  
Author: T Warth Magnificent collections of rare black & white photographs specially selected from public and private archives promote the strength and versatility of these individual Mack models. This volume contains informative captions providing concise histories on traffic-type (cab-over-engine) and conventional trucks are depicted with a variety of bodies and paint schemes. 
Mack Model AB Photo Archive  
Author:  T Warth Magnificent collection of rare black & white photographs from archives promote the strength and versatility of these Mack models. Filled with captions providing histories of each featured model. Over 50,000 Baby Mack trucks were produced between 1914 and 1936. Versions from the earliest prototype are fully illustrated in this essential Mack profile. 
Mack Model B 1953-1966 Photo Archive  
Author: T Warth A magnificent collection of rare black & white photographs from archives promote the strength and versatility of these individual Mack models. Filled with captions providing histories of each featured model. Over 114,000 Bulldogs with striking rounded contours were produced, making it one of most memorable of the modern Mack models. Mack Model B 1953-1966 Photo Archive (Photo Archive Series)
Peterbilt Trucks 1939-1979:At Work  
Author:  Ron Adams Starting in 1939 when Peterbilt was formed (after acquiring Fageol trucks), this golden era of trucking is portrayed through photographs when these heavy haulers were put to work. Captions tell about the truck, companies, and owners. 
Refuse Trucks: Photo Archive  
Author: John Montville A pictorial review of refuse collection equipment developed since the adoption of motor trucks to a vital community service since the 1900s. It offers a look at Autocar, Brockway, Federal, FWD, International, Mack, Walter, and White. Factory and action shots show many of the body and chassis features and distinguish these unique machines. Refuse Trucks: Photo Archive
REO Trucks: 1910-1966 Photo Archive  
Author: Robert Gabrick Ransom Eli Olds was best known as inventor of  Oldsmobile. In 1904, Olds left the company, which left time to help create the new company bearing his initials, the REO Motor Car Company, in Lansing, Michigan. In 1910, the REO Motor Truck Co. began production of trucks. REOs legendary Speed Wagon led the way with shaft-drive, pneumatic tires, electric starters, and electric lights; features found on all competitive makes. By 1925, REO Speed Wagon sales, since its introduction, exceeded 125,000.  This covers story of REO Trucks through archival photos to the time when White Motor Company bought REO in 1957. 
Semi-Trucks of the 1950s: A Photo Gallery  
Author: Ron Adams After WWII, Americans were anxious to re-stoke the economy after a long dry spell. By 1950s, new highways were being built, new trucking companies were being formed, and old ones revived. Semi-trucks helped pave the way for this huge growth spurt in America with dependable trucks built by Mack, GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, International, White Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Diamond T, Reo, Autocar, Brockway, Sterling, and others, many using the increasingly popular diesel engines made by Buda, Hercules, Waukesha, and Cummins, which helped their heavy loads haul quicker. 
Sterling Trucks Photo Archive  
Author: Robert Gabrick One of early pioneers in manufacture of trucks, Sterling is synonymous with rugged well- engineered trucks with a reputation for reliable service in off-road, heavy-duty--  mining, construction, and logging. Distinctive engineering hallmarks included wood-lined frames and continued use of chain drive long after its abandonment by other manufacturers. Established in Milwaukee, WI, production of Sternberg trucks began in 1907, becoming Sterling in 1915. Acquired by White Motor Company in 1951, Sterling-White production ended in 1953. This Photo Archive chronicles this truck through large- format archival photographs and detailed captions.  
Studebaker Trucks 1927-1940 Photo Archive
Author: H APPLEGATEA nostalgic photographic history of one of the great names in American motoring. This collection of rare factory photographs displays quality and styling that distinguishes Studebaker from the rest. 
The Long Haul: American Trucking Companies  
Author: Ron Adams In the early days, many trucking companies started out with one truck or even some horses, and a few tough folks kept hauling through the Great Depression and WWII. As roads improved, many of these companies became large operations with ample semi-trucks, trailers and places to haul. This book is a history of the pioneers in trucking and how they grew their truck empires.  Each company includes a history, maps of their truck lines, and a photo of their fleet or rigs they used.
White-Freightliner Trucks of the 1960s (at Work) [Paperback]
Author:  Ron Adams In 1951, Freightliner signed an agreement with the White Motor Co. to sell Freightliner trucks through White Dealerships. The trucks became White-Freightliner, gaining momentum in the 1950s and exploding in sales through the 1960s. As you look at the photos in this book, you will see just a few of the many different customers and hauling jobs they did in the peak of their popularity.
White Trucks of the 1950s  
Author: Barry Bertram During production years, White offered light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks before concentrating on the latter from 1960s on.  White purchased and/or marketed other trucking manufacturers, including Reo, Diamond T, Diamond Reo, Autocar, Whitehorse, PDQ, Western Star, and White Freightliner trucks. White declared bankruptcy in 1980. The named lived on for awhile in the 1980s under corporate giant Volvo.  This book reviews White medium and heavy-duty truck models in roughly the 1950s, including WC, 3000, 4000, 5000, 9000 series. 
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