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Channel 19 - official truckers channel Channel 9 - emergency channel Alligator - tread from 18-wheeler At your back door - behind you Back it up - slow down Back out - finished talking Backdoor closed - rear of convoy covered Backslide - return trip Blow in smoke - load CB signal Blue slip - traffic ticket Bobtail - no trailer Boulevard - interstate highway Break - proper way to access CB channel Bring it back - answer back Bubba - friend Bumper sticker - car following too close Bingo cards - state trucking permits Brush your teeth and comb your hair - radar ahead Bumper lane - passing lane Cash register - toll booth Chicken coup - weigh stations Clean shot - road ahead all clear Come again - please repeat Comeback - please answer Comic book - log book Container - 18 wheeler Copy - receiving transmission Copying the mail - just listening Cowboy - trucker who constantly changes lanes Crotch rocket - motorcycle Curley Locks - coils on a rig Dead head - hauling empty trailer Do it to it - speed it up Double Harley - channel 11 Double key - two stations talking at same time Double nickel - 55 mph Down stroke - going downhill Dragon wagon - tow truck Dream weaver - driver all over the road Dry box - un-refrigerated load Ears on Easy chair - listening to CB Eat um up - middle truck in convoy Fat load - overweight truck Fed the bears - got a ticket Flag waver - highway crew Flip flop - return trip Four - short for 10-4 code Four wheeler - car Front door - lead truck in convoy Forty two - I agree with you Flop box - motel/truckstop Fox hunt - FCC hunting for illegal operators Gear jammer - speeder Gear slammer - trucker changes speed a lot Getting out - being heard on CB Going horizontal - going to sleep Got a copy - can you hear me? Got your ears on - are you listening? Green stamp road - toll road Green stamps - money for fines Hammer down - speed up Hammer off - slow up Handle - CB name Hiding in the grass - cop in median Highball - nonstop to destination I'm gone - will no longer be transmitting In a short - soon Invitations - traffic tickets Juvenile delinquent - someone pretending to be a trucker Keying the mike - activating mike without speaking Log some z's - get sleep Mile marker - mileposts on interstate Mix master - cloverleaf on highway Mud duck - poor CB signal Negative copy - didn’t hear you Negatory - no Neon jockey - truck with many lights Night crawlers - police in area On the side - pulled off on the shoulder On the by - listening but not talking Out - through transmitting Over - your turn to speak Over your shoulder - behind you Parking lot - traffic jam Pickle park - rest area Picture taker - radar Plain wrapper - unmarked police car Pull in for the big one - layover Put an eyeball on - look at Read - Can you hear me Rest um up - truck stop Rig - tractor Radio check - call to see if your CB is transmitting Rake the leaves - last vehicle in string Readin' the mail - listening to the CB Rocking chair - vehicle between 2 trucks Roger/Roger dodger - OK Roller skate - small car Running barefoot - CB at legal level Sand bagging - listening / not talking on CB Seat cover - attractive female in a vehicle Shake the leaves - see what’s ahead Shiny side - top of trailer Skateboard - flatbed trailer Skip - distant stations Skippers - CB'ers who talk long distance Smile and comb your hair - radar ahead Stepped on - interfered with your transmission Sweeping the leaves - see what’s behind Taking pictures -  police radar Ten roger - message received That's a four - message understood Two wheeler - motorcycle Train station - traffic court that fines everyone Walked on - overpowered by stronger signal Wall to wall and treetop tall - strong signal We're clear - sign off We're down out and on the side - no longer talking but listening We're gone - sign off Wear your bumper out - following too close What's your 20 - where are you Whip - long CB antenna Window wash - rain storm Yardstick - mile marker Zoo - highway patrol headquarter
CB Terms - General
CB Terms - Police
Bear - highway patrol Bear bait - lead truck in convoy Bear cave - police station Bear in the air - overhead highway patrol Bear in a brown wrapper - unmarked police car Bear meat - speeding truck driver Black and white - patrol car Blue light special - cop car Boy scout - state police Bubble gum machine - cop car Camera - radar City kitty - local cop - female County mountie - sheriffs deputy Cub scouts - sheriffs deputies Evil Knieval - motorcycle cop Feed the bears - get a ticket Green stamp collector - police with radar Honey bear - female cop Jack rabbit - cop Local yokel - city cop Picture taker - radar Plain wrapper - unmarked police car Pole cat - black and white Portrait painter - radar Smokey - state police Smokey on 4 legs - mounted police Taking pictures each way - two way radar Tijuana taxi - well marked cop car Zoo - highway patrol headquarters
“CB” Destinations - City / State
Astrodome City - Houston, TX Atlantic City - San Antonio, TX B Town - Birmingham, AL Bay City - San Francisco, CA Bean town - Boston, MA Beer City - Milwaukee, WI Big A - Amarillo, TX Big D - Dallas, TX Big M - Memphis, TN Big T - Tucson, AZ Bikini State - Florida Buckeye St - Ohio Bull City - Durham, NC Cactus Patch - Phoenix, AZ Capital City - Raleigh, NC Capital J - Jackson, MS Choo Choo town - Chattanooga, TN Cigar City - Tampa, Fl Cow town - Fort Worth, TX Derby City - Louisville, KY Dirty town - New York City, NY Divorce City/Dice City/Sin City - Las Vegas, NV Dome - Houston, TX Gateway city - St Louis, Missouri Ghost town - Casper, WY Hog Country - Wyoming Hot Lanta - Atlanta, GA J town - Jackson, MS Mile High - Denver, CO Mini State - Maine Music City - Nashville, TN Queen City - Charlotte, NC Rodeo Town - Cheyenne, WY Shaky Town - Los Angeles, CA Spud Town - Boise, ID Superdome City - New Orleans, LA Taco Town - Corpus Christi, TX Tinsel Town - Hollywood, CA Watergate City - Washington, DC
CB Equipment Terms
AF - audio frequency After burner - linear amp Alert - Affiliated League of Emergency Radio Team Antenna farm - Base station with multiple antennas AM - Amplitude modulation Base station - fixed location Beam - directional antenna Barefoot - using an unmodified CB Bleed over - strong signals from one channel over another channel Box - linear amplifier Breaking up - signal in and out Can - shell of CB Dropout - fading signal FM - frequency modulation Foot warmer - linear amp Heater - linear amp Keyboard - controls of CB Kicker - linear amp Linear - audio Modulation - noise reduction circuit Noise blanker/limiter PLL - phase lock loop - determines frequencies Pills - ref. to transistor finals in linear am PTT Switch - push to talk switch S Meter - incoming signal strength Slider - VFO - clarifier
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