Wagan 12-Volt and Travel Products
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View Wagan picks below from Longhauler-USA.  These 12-volt and other travel products are available from Amazon.
SmartAC 150 USB Traveler  
Run and charge 120v electronics in vehicle.  Use USB port for laptop, digital camera, cell phone, iPod, video game console, power tools, etc. Accessory holder is versatile and useful.  Built-in safety features.  Overload and short circuit protection plus automatic shutdown on low battery
Wagan IN2282 Black 12V Faux Leather Deluxe Heated Seat Cushion  
Wagan Deluxe Heated Seat Cushion is perfect for winter driving providing deluxe faux leather finish offering comfort and is easy to clean.  Automatic shut-off feature avoids overheating. Soothing heat helps maintain metabolism and steady blood circulation.  Heated seat cushion works by plugging 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter into vehicle.  Cushion comes with elastic straps and hooks to secure cushion to seat. It can be unplugged when not in use.  Optional AC adapter (sold separately).  One year limited warranty for defective items only.
Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support (Gray Velour)  
Wagan IN9438-2 Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion is an  inexpensive after market cushion that overlays passenger or driver's side seats.  The cushion's super soft velour and polyester provides ultimate comfort and warmth. It's also easy to use. Simply plug into vehicle's 12-volt outlet to experience soothing heat and relief for tense, aching muscles after a long, busy day, and use the convenient high/low/off switch to vary heat setting.  Unplug cushion from 12-volt outlet when not in use.
Wagan EL2537-5 Twin USB and 12-Volt DC Cup Holder Power Adapter
The Wagan EL2537-5 Twin USB and 12V DC Cup Holder Power Adapter is an ideal way to increase power options for multiple gadgets and handhelds used in vehicles when only DC power is available.  Unit converts power of a single 12-volt DC outlet into two USB power ports and two 12- volt DC power outlets. Additional features include a body designed to fit securely into standard cup holder and LED vehicle battery level indicator light system that monitors power you are drawing from vehicle battery.
Wagan 5-Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter allows you to use 12-Volt DC powered items outside of vehicle, including in your home.  Ideal for GPS units, portable powered coolers/warmers, air compressors, and other DC appliances. This charger has a simple plug-in design that's easy to use, and is vented for safety.
Wagan 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter
Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender
Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender lets you power up to four electronic items at once.  Plug into vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter to expand from one DC socket to four.  Extender ideal for powering laptop, cell phone, CD player, satellite radio, radar detector, and more. Includes a built-in fuse protector to protect vehicle from damage. Mounting hardware is included (screws, mount, and double-sided tape) to help position unit securely on dashboard inside vehicle. The 34" cord length give you flexibility to place extender right where you need it. Size: 4.75 x 2.75 x 1.5"
Wagan 2401 Smart AC 150 USB II Inverter
Smart AC Inverter allows you to run small electronics, like laptops, mobile appliances and other AC applications from just about anywhere.  Inverter is powered from 12 volt DC source and provides 150 Watts AC 60Hz through two North American standard outlets.  Powers AC appliances up to 150 watts.  Attached DC power cord connects to 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter socket. There is a USB power port that can be used to charge cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players. Safety includes automatic shutdown in event of overheat, overload, under-voltage and over-voltage conditions. Cooling fan and auto low battery shutdown are included.
Wagan EL2402-5 Smart AC 200 Watt Inverter with 5V 2.1 Amps USB Power Port
Wagan EL2402-5 Smart AC Inverter is a 2.1-Amp USB power port that is compatible with iPad and other tablets, Kindle and other e-readers, smartphones, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and other USB appliances. Features two AC 120-volt outlets delivering 200 Watts of continuous power. Run and charge 110v electronics in vehicle.  Safe to use thanks to high peak wattage (500W) for sensitive electronics, auto reset short circuit protection, overload protection and low battery shutdown, and built-in surge protection for start up and shut down. It can even operate with vehicle engine turned off. 
Wagan EL2003-5 is a 400W continuous power inverter with 5 Volts and 2.1 Amps of power and USB ports which can power tablets such as the iPad. This includes two grounded AC outlets, plus 2 USB ports to power your appliances. Other compatible appliances include laptop computers, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, portable games, power tools, and more. The EL2003-5 also provides 1000W of peak surge power and comes loaded with safety features such as overload protection, auto-reset short circuit protection, and low battery shutdown. Built-in surge protection. Fits all standard vehicle 12V sockets. Battery clamps are included. 
Wagan EL2003-5 400 Watt Continuous Power Inverter with 5V 2.1 Amps USB
Wagan 12V 3 Way Socket with Battery Analysis turns one DC socket to 3 sockets and offers more power to the vehicle. It has 3 LEDs to warn about low car battery and plugs easily. This socket includes mounting hardware and is easy to uselow battery shutdown. Built-in surge protection. Fits all standard vehicle 12V sockets. Battery clamps are included. clamps are included. 
Wagan EL9794 12V 3 Way Socket with Battery Analysis
Powers laptops, mobile appliances and other AC and USB appliances.  Comes with one USB port and two AC 120 volt outlets.  Overload protection, short circuit protection, and built-in surge protection for vehicle start up and shut down.  Can operate with engine turned off. Continuous Power: 200W; Peak Surge Power: 500W; DC Input Voltage Range: 10-15V DC. 
Wagan 2402 200W Smart AC USB Inverter
Portability at it's best. The Smart AC Inverter allows you to run small electronics, like laptop computers, mobile appliances and other AC applications from just about anywhere. Unit has three AC receptacles. Continuous Use: 1500 Watt, Peak Surge Power: 3600 Watt, AC Voltage Output: 110 Volt, Optimum Efficiency: 90 Percentage, No Load Current Draw: less than 0.95 Ampere, Input Voltage Range: 10 to 15 Volt. Cooling Fan, Low Battery Alarm and Auto Low Battery Shutdown are included. 
Wagan 1500 Watt Continuous Power Inverter
Smart AC Inverters are the smart and compact mobile power to convert 12V DC to 110V AC for your electronics. Unit has three AC receptacles, a cooling fan and a low battery alarm and an auto low battery shutdown. Continuous Use: 1000 Watt, Peak Surge Power: 2500 Watt, AC Voltage Output: 110 Volt, Optimum Efficiency: 90 Percentage, No Load Current Draw: less than 0.95 Ampere, Input Voltage Range: 10 to 15 Volt
Wagan 1000 Watt Continuous Power Inverter
It's portability at it's best. The Smart AC Inverter allows you to run your small electronics, like laptop computers, mobile appliances and other AC applications from just about anywhere.
Wagan 1250 Watt Automotive Power Inverter
700 Watt continuous.  1800 Watt peak surge power with the supplied cables.  Simply connect unit to vehicle's battery and run all of AC items up to 700 watts.
Wagan 2016-6 700W Continuous Power Inverter
Wagan Xtreme Brite-Nite Black 5 Watt Tactical is a compact, powerful, professional-grade worklight. It features a bright 5 watt LED bulb (100 lumens) which includes 3 light settings (high, low and strobe). It runs up to 16 hours and includes a wrist strap. Its pro-grade aluminum housing with rubber grip body casing provides extra durability. It requires 6 AAA batteries which are not included. It has recommended uses in emergencies, outdoors and roadside repair.
Wagan EL2498 Xtreme Brite-Nite Black 5 Watt Tactical Flashlight
Wagan 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight is a powerful halogen spotlight. Easily switch between high intensity mode (120 watts) or low intensity (50 watts) for extended usage.  Features swivel folding stand to switch angle and height.  Rotate knobs to lock stand into position.  Flashing emergency 4 LED beacon at rear of spotlight serves as roadside warning or signal. Detachable shoulder strap and convenient carrying handle.  Has battery status indicator with built-in indicator LEDs.  Easily rechargeable with AC and DC adapters. Great for vehicle repair and general use.
Wagan EL2741 18M Brite-Nite Yellow Mega Spotlight
Wagan 2 Million Brite-Nite Spotlight Lantern has many features. This 2 million rated power super bright halogen spotlight features HI/LO switch for high intensity light or longer running time. High mode will provide 55 watts for about 30 minutes, low mode will provide 30 watts for about 50 minutes. Plus 18 LED side lantern can be used for lighting up outdoors up to 15 hours. It has two bright convenient light sources in one so you can use one that works best.  Features a comfortable pistol grip and a trigger lock. Powered by 6V 4.5 Ah lead acid battery which is rechargeable with included AC and DC adapters.  A shock absorbing rubber lens guard provides durability.
Wagan EL2484 2 Million Brite-Nite Spotlight Lantern
Light beam is visible up to 1 mile away. Features a high clarity, high focus lens and 10 LED 18,000 MCD brightness side lantern. Offers 4 Volt 2Ah sealed lead-acid battery and rubberized shock- absorbing lens guard. 20,000 hour lifetime for the 3W bulb. DC and AC adapters included.
Wagan 2641 Brite-Nite 3W LED Spotlight Lantern
Wagan's IN9989 Infra-Heat Massage Magnetic 12v Cushion provides comfort with heat, massage, and lumbar support all in one. Features combination of heat and massage for shoulders, back, and thighs. 5 massaging motors massage upper and lower back muscles and energize them by relieving stress in targeted areas.  Choose from 3 massage programs.  Plug into vehicle's 12v DC outlet or operate it using 110v AC power at home.  Includes AC and DC adapters. Use built-in straps to secure cushion to seat. Easily portable.  Unplug 12v plug from vehicle when not in use.
Wagan IN9989 12V Infra-Heat Massage Magnetic Cushion with AC Adapter
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